Pickle Juice – The New Rage


Drinking pickle juice! Really ?!

The briny liquid which is used to preserve the delicious, crunchy, tasty pickles that we all love to eat as an accompaniment to our main dish  – drink that ?

Yes ! And there are several reasons to consider it. Pickle juice does more than just add flavor to your favourite side dish.

So, Pickles have been around for thousands of years. According to the New York Food Museum, the history of cucumbers dates back to 2030 BC when cucumbers were first brought over from India to the Tigris Valley, and people had to figure out a way to preserve them for that journey.


Athletes have been sipping this briny beverage for years too. At first Experts didn’t know all the reasons why pickle juice was good to drink after exercising. It just seemed to help relieve cramps and stopped cramping faster than drinking water.

So why does this happen ?

Pickle juice contains sodium, potassium and vinegar. When playing sport, especially in a hot and humid environment, the body loses salt and sodium, which pickle juice helps restore.

That still doesn’t explain how it relieves cramping. What actually happens is when you drink this briny liquid, it triggers a reflex in your mouth that sends a signal to the muscles to stop the cramping. Hence, it is recommended at the onset of a cramp.



It is particularly effective to treat cramps when the weather conditions are hot and humid, and the sport event lasts long like a marathon, a football match going into extra time, a five setter tennis match, a cricket match where batsman bats the whole day etc.

I came across this juice recently when I saw an India cricket team batsman , Cheteshwar Pujara , drinking it in a match played recently in Australia. And I saw a couple of the tennis players having it during the just concluded Australian Open at Melbourne.


Not only does it contain antioxidants, it is said to help control blood sugar levels and boost your gut health.

And to top it all – it is actually good for your breath. That is because it kills the bacteria in your mouth that are the primary cause for bad breath.

Are you ready to try the briny liquid now?





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