These (Ziptalks Videos) are very well-done interviews that provide very good insights into how these highly-accomplished people make their overall fitness a central theme in their busy lives. They provide me with excellent motivation to do the same.
Tony Wasserman, San Francisco

Fitness online is a super crowded space with zillions of wellness and  exercise instruction jostling for attention . And every one of them has a super fit goddess presiding ! 
While Radha is all of that and more herself  what I found different and appealing with ZIP was her sensible easy approach to the subject . While I did find the The HIIT workouts a bit intense  ( cardio ) they were still not really out of reach  .. my personal go to is the ab blaster –  I found it an an absolute and total abs buster ! 
Also like the fact that I didn’t need a monster gym for these routines or a standby hulk hogan to do my heavy lifting ! 
All in all a balanced and practical approach to fitness . Attagirl Radha .. And more power to you !
Soumya Kesavan, Chennai

I have been watching Radha Dhir’s “ZipTalks” Videos featuring eminent personalities to talk about their fitness philosophies.
Each episode is full of vigour and freshness. I feel greatly reassured when in one episode Amaan Ali Bangash says he likes to eat a little less than his hunger to remain fit. It resonates with the Jain philosophy of अवमौदर्य which has been preached over thousands of years by it’s Acharyas. Amaan’s another philosophy that one’s biggest competitor is a person more humble than oneself is truly worth emulating.
Rajan Mittal laying emphasis on sports for physical and mental health reverberates in my mind. I was also quite pleasantly surprised that Rajan practises Intermittent Fasting for fitness and weight control.
It is really amazing the way Radha is able to identify and smartly interview eminent personalities from different backgrounds, who do something in their routine to remain fit mentally and physically for success in their lives. The list of such persons Like Ravneet Gill, Sonia Barbry, Manisha Girotra, Puneet Chhatwal and others mentioned above is really impressive.
I also admire the sporty and smart interview backdrops that Radha uses in these talks. Her interviewing style impresses the audience for her fresh looks, friendly and natural style; and the new rapid fire feature that she has introduced.
I always look forward to the new episode every Saturday.
Vijay Kiyawat, New Delhi

So inspired by your fitness journey and more so by the courage to bring out to the world a totally different side of your life other than your professional one. The talks have been very enjoyable so far and I look forward to many many more!
Sunaina Shivpuri, Dubai, Mum, Food, wine and travel writer

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